Running, Hiking, & Driving across Canada. First Stop: Gaspésie National Park

We’ve been on the road for a month now and all I can say is that Canada is absolutely stunning! Every stop we’ve made the views have been breathtaking and I’m so thankful to be on this trip with my favourite human!

As you already know we started this trip back in August. We left Toronto, went to Windsor for almost a week, to finish packing and put our stuff in storage - aka our parents homes—Thank you parents for helping us! On Monday August 14th we hit the road in the morning and left for Montréal. We only stayed there for the night, with my cousin, where I tried poutine for the first time ever! Yes I’m 32, and lived in Canada for most of my life and never had poutine! Before leaving for Gaspésie National Park, we walked around Montréal, had breakfast, and did a little sight seeing before getting caught in the rain!!

Gaspésie was stunning. The people were super kind, the trails were hard but incredible, and the running and cycling community there is big, so the trails are perfect for us! Gaspésie is an 8hr drive from Montréal, and when we arrived on Tuesday night we set up our tent and went to bed right away after two days of being on the road. The next day we checked which trails we could do around us, and decided on hiking up Mont Ernest-Laforce. It was one of the ‘easier’ ones to do. The elevation of this mountain/ trail was 214m and after a long couple of days of driving, we felt like it was the hardest hike ever! Anyway, we survived that hike, but noticed there were rain clouds in the distance, so we went back to our site before getting caught in the rain, again.

Overall our stay in Gaspésie was great, minus the cold nights and rain. However, we had to cut our stay one day short because of car trouble. I’ll back up a bit. Our campsite, was in a mountain, and to get to it, you have to drive up a dirt road, with so many sharp, hairpin turns. It was fun for the most part until our exhaust cracked! This happened the day of our hike, thankfully we made it back to our site, and left the following morning to find a shop to fix our car. There aren’t any mechanic shops nearby, the closest one to us was two hours away so we decided to leave for New Brunswick a day early. Our car is now fixed, thanks to Serge, from B-Orange shop in Campbellton, New Brunswick.

Anyway like I mentioned earlier, I loved our stay in Gaspésie, and we finished off the night around a campfire by the water where the park director was telling a story of the history of Gaspésie. We don’t speak French, but decided to go anyway, and the story ended with everyone having chicken noodle soup haha!

Lastly, for all of my runners, this park hosts many trail races, and ultra trail marathons. The roads are smooth to run on, and quite hilly! I wish we could’ve done more hikes and running there, but I guess I’ll just have to go back to do a race ;)

The view just half way up on Mont Ernest-Laforce.

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