OWC is now Skills & Strength!

Hi friends! It's been a while since I've filled you in on my progress with pull-ups and handstands and all things with One Word Club. So much has happened, and to be honest I just needed a little break from a lot of things, the winter/spring was difficult with personal things going on, but going to class really helped with keeping me calm, and being able to clear my mind, through the hard days. 

So let's start with OneWordClub, it's now called Skills & Strength! It's still led by the amazing trainer Paluna Santamaria, we still meet three times a week, and we still meet at Pursuit OCR. Classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7am until 8am. The program is also still the same with Mondays focusing on lower body, Wednesdays are for core and handstands, and lastly, Fridays are focused on pulling and pushing! 


Where am I on my goal of doing a pull-up? REALLY CLOSE! I started practicing doing a negative pull-up, which means you jump up to the bar with a chin up grip, hold it, and slowly lower yourself down. In January I started with just practicing on Fridays, but my neighbourhood has remodeled so many little park with new equipments for children. I found a park with three different heights for the bars and on the my way home from a run I stop there to practise pulling myself up. I got the inspiration from a friend in my class to just practice pulling myself up everyday. I'm so happy to say that I can do a negative pull-up and now to master it without having to jump up. On a side note: On Fridays when we do pushing and pulling day we have learned to climb a rope. I could not pull myself up the first couple of weeks we tried, now I can get all the way to the top, (if I don't look down. I'm terrified of heights haha!) But it's an awesome feeling being able to touch the top of the rope and see progress each week!

I have also found that I'm feeling stronger! With the Skills & Strength class, it's helped me so, so much for all of the running I do. I can run for longer periods, without feeling the need of many rest days. 

Come August I want to continue working on my core, because marathon season is just around the corner and yes this IS the year I'll be doing my first FULL MARATHON! I know I wanted to do a full marathon last year, but my health was more important and needed to feel 100% better before I could continue training. This year I'll be doing my mobility work with a program that Paluna has custom made for me to take on the road for the next two months. 

That's right I'm leaving Toronto for a couple of months, stay tuned later this week to find out what this is all about and follow our adventure along on Instagram: @cabellobycarolina

Hope to see you in a class this month, remember your first class is FREE, just show up!

As always have a great hair day and remember to challenge yourself to try something new! xo