OWC: Pull-Ups

Working out in the winter is not fun at all! It's still dark early in the morning and the sun sets early in the afternoon, but thankfully I have been able to stay on track by going to OneWordClub, three times a week. My favorite day but also most difficult have been Fridays. It's the last day of the week, I'm usually pretty tired by the end of the week and would rather sleep in, but these past two months at OWC it's been so great challenging myself to do a pull-up. No I haven't done one yet, but I feel so close!

We now meet at Pursuit OCR and with being at a bigger space we also get to try different things with more equipment. In Feb, we've been using a rope, to pull ourselves up! This past Friday, I was so proud of myself, I conquered my fear of heights, and climbed the rope!!!! I did the bad thing of looking down after being up a so high but I did it, I went up, twice! Now to use that strength to do pull-ups on the bar! 

Some of the things I've learned at OWC is that the warm-up is so important! Warm up those muscles before getting up on that bar. Go slow, there's no need to rush through a warm-up routine, you'll injure yourself if you're not doing it properly. On pull-up day, we're using our upper body most of the time, so make sure to prep your shoulders and wrists. I am constantly using my hands for work, bringing you lovely hairstyles, so for me it's so important that my wrists are strong. With the different stretches and exercises Paluna has us do, it's made a difference for work, upper body workouts, and even for doing planks for longer periods ;)

Hope you're able to join us for a class or two in March, your first class is free! And if you'd like to just do drop-in classes they are $20 for each class. You can also find more pricing details on PALUNAMOVES.COM. We meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Pursuit OCR. Classes are from 7am-8am, yes there are showers if you need to get to work right after. 

Don't be afraid to try something new! 



All photo cred: Pam Lau