Behind The Chair: Svveat, Johanna Robles Tam

When I moved to Toronto I didn't know many people, and I really  missed my running community in Windsor/Michigan, so I did some research to see if there were running groups in Toronto and found lots! I started going to NTC classes that were offered by Nike Toronto and later joined their running crew. I love the fitness community in Toronto, and have met so many incredible people through it! The Toronto fitness community is really great and welcoming, I love that there is so much to do here, there are so many running crews, and there is also a lot of free fitness in the city! I enjoy going to fitness classes more than I enjoy going to the gym. I like when I can find a free class, because it motivates me to try something new! Today on Behind the Chair I'm so excited to introduce you to Johanna Robles Tam!

Johanna and her husband Darren, co-founded an amazing company that helps you find FREE fitness in the Toronto! It was such a great morning to get together with Johanna and hear more about her company and how it all started! You have to read more about their company below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how Svveat started:

Two years ago, I decided to take some time to learn how to make a website. First from scratch on Adobe Dreamweaver then learned of the magic of WordPress. I realized how much fun it was to design and code websites to make it your very own and figured this skill would come in handy in the future. A year later, I decided to create fittinthe6, a blog (now offline) dedicated to sharing my fitness journey and exploring Toronto for community based workouts that took place in various neighbourhoods in the city. Darren being the supportive then boyfriend and now husband came for the ride and took photos and video of me whenever I asked. He gave new meaning to the term #InstagramBoyfriend and then #InstagramHusband as he not only worked his magic behind the camera but we often collaborated on the creative vision behind our media. Over the same two years, Darren and I also decided to work together on various online projects and companies - none of which have stuck. Svveat was our fourth collaboration and the first we went public with. It brought together everything we had learned in the past two years, while combining our developed skills behind the camera and is an opportunity to give back to to the community in a very unique way. Svveat has not only been a passion project for the both of us, I can honestly say it's been a dream to work on. 

We help people find kick ass ways to work out for free. How cool is that?

When did your fitness journey start and what motivated you to start running?

I always played sport growing up, and staying active has always been a part of my life. I do NTC at home, go to different fitness classes, but it wasn't until five months before our wedding that I decided I should start running! I saw pictures on social media of NRC (Nike Running Crew) and people always looked so happy and friendly. So I went to my first home run with Nike Running Toronto, and ran 5k. It was not a fun experience to run 5k after not doing any previous running. 5k is, and can be an intimidating distance for a first time run with little or no experience at all. After that night, I said I wasn't going to go back, but I ended up going, and since then I have fallen in love with the sport, and have ran many distances including the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon last October. 

What are some of your fitness goals for 2017?

Both Darren and I are live active lifestyles, and enjoy trying something new each week. This year my goal is to run a fast 10k. To stay consistent with my training! Another goal of mine is to do a triathlon for 2018, but I will have to start training now, and get back into the pool! I enjoy challenging myself and pushing myself to do more, a triathlon will be perfect to see how much I can push myself. 

Photo Cred: Eddie aka @torontoontop

Photo Cred: Eddie aka @torontoontop

Will there be any special events with Svveat this year?

Yes, but you'll have to stay posted to Svveat to learn more ;) 

Friends, if you haven't checked out the site yet, do yourself a favor and check it out asap! You won't be disappointed. I absolutely love what Johanna and Darren are doing in the fitness community. If you don't like the gym, and want to try something new, there's so much that our city offers! So get out there and just try that yoga class, HIIT workout, or run crew you've been dying to check out! Again, there are SO many programs, studios, and different workouts that you can join through Svveat. If you'd like to stay in touch with Johanna and see more of her fitness journey or hear about exciting events that they'll have later this year make sure to sign up for their weekly newsletter. You'll hear inspiring stories from athletes in our wonderful city of Toronto. There's a group and workout for everyone! 

Stay posted with Svveat and follow them on social media here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube 

Have an amazing week!