One Word Club: September Recap

It's been two months since I started going to One Word Club, friends, it's changed my fitness life! As you all know by now, running is a BIG part of my life, I was getting injured one too many times and I needed to make a change before things got worse, so I started from the beginning. I started going to OWC, a skills and strengthening class, taught by an amazing coach, Paluna Santamaria. She's taught me so much over the last couple of months and I am definitely not a pro, but have felt some major improvements in my running, and training. I'm feeling much more flexible, the tightness in my IT band has improved BIG TIME! my lower back pain is gone, AND I can ALMOST touch my toes--this is a big deal for someone like me. Life is good. Being injury free is a good feeling. It took time and lots of patience but I'm feeling great and so ready to tackle that 13.1 I have coming up in three weeks!

Here's a breakdown of what I've learned over the last month: leg day is not to be taken lightly, Paluna will put you through the most intense leg workout you have ever had, you leave feeling so strong. Doing planks, push-ups, and any core work will change your life, like I mentioned before my lower back pain, gone! Make sure you do your core workouts the correct way, proper form, or it will lead to more injuries. Also, she likes to make us do hollow rocks, like all the time, friends I'd rather do a burpee, doing hollow rocks at 7am is not my thing-also because I couldn't but there's been an improvement ;) 

Paluna has challenged me to push myself, to not be afraid of getting up on that bar and try a pull up, I thought I would never be able to do one in my life. I'm SLOOOWLY getting there, I'm not afraid to try, I started on the rings with not being able to pull myself up properly, now it's getting easier. I'm going to conquer those bars one day! We're also learning to do handstands, I'll update next month, but what I can say is that learning to do them is fun! I can't wait until I can do one!

If you want to learn more about OWC, or see more updates throughout the month follow me on Instagram, and follow Paluna on social media as well, she's starting something new for the month of October!!!

What is something you do on a cross-training day? I'm always up for a new challenge or trying a new class let me know what I should try next in the comment section below.


Have great hair day! xo


Thank you Catherine Cachia for the photography!

What we're wearing: Nike Training Tank (here & here); Nike Pro Fierce Reflective Sports bra (here); Nike tights (here); Nike Free Connect Training Shoes (here)