Barreworks Hairspiration

WOW this week and summer has flown by so quickly! Happy first day of Fall! I seriously do not know where the time went. I spent most of my time outdoors this summer, and would also take a weekly class at some of my favorite fitness studios in Toronto, one of them being Barreworks! Their studios are so beautiful, lots of space, perfectly air conditioned for those hot and humid days. I would make sure my hair was always up when I was outdoors or at a class, it had to be off of my neck and away from my face, I don't like that feeling of having to stop in the middle of a workout to fix my hair. Today I'm sharing two of my go-to styles with you that work for any type of class you'll be taking at Barreworks ;)

I had such a fun time with Kathia, for our one on one session, that of course, she needed the an amazing hairstyle to workout with;) When we met up, I asked her what she wanted, or if she had ever tried a to do a braided style on herself but it didn't work for her, she asked me for a braided crown. This hairstyle is one of my go-to when I know it's going to be a high-intensity class, with lots of cardio and different exercises. I find that this is also a go-to of mine when I have a meeting right after a class. I enjoyed seeing how excited Kathia got when I was finished with her hair, that after our session we decided to go for lunch in the park, because why not?! 

The braided crown can be a little tricky and hard to do at first, so my advice to you would be to keep practicing! I prefer putting my hair in braids because it can prevent hair breakage, it keeps all that hair off of your face and neck, and it looks pretty ;)

For our session, I decided to wear my hair in a ballerina inspired top-knot. I've also been growing my bangs out, and they weren't long enough to put into the bun, so instead of a mini braid I twisted them off to the side, secured it with a bobby pin and was ready to go! Like I always mention there's not worse than having to stop to fix your hair during a run or workout. Find different hairstyles that will work for you, and will keep that hair in place.


What are some of your go-to hairstyles for your workouts? 

There's nothing wrong with having a good hairstyle while you workout.

Have a great hair day! xo


photo credit: Pam Lau
What I'm wearing: Nike Tank, Nike Sportsbra, Nike Studio Wraps, Lululemon Tights 

Hair products: Bumble & Bumble, Bobby Pins & Hair elastics