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One Word Club- Training vs Exercise

I've been running for most of my life and honestly, I didn't like the cross training days. I didn't like going to a gym, doing some strength training, or proper stretching. After one too many injuries, I knew I had to change something, so I started doing the Nike Training App on my own, and later started doing their live classes here in Toronto. I've met so many wonderful people in that community, and Paluna Santamaria, a Nike Trainer, kicked my butt in class a couple of summers ago, surprisingly I wasn't annoyed and knew that I needed that push. I clearly remember that first class, and she was teaching, I wanted to cry and never go back, my entire body was on fire! It hurt SO BAD, in a really good way. Paluna has taught me so much over the last two years and how important it is to incorporate strength training for my running life. She is an AMAZING person inside and out, super strong, and so inspiring.  She's an incredible athlete with a big heart and passion to help others with their training, giving them plans, nutritional guidance, and helping you achieve goals! 

Paluna asked me to come out to one of her classes that she teaches, it's an early morning, women's only class, at YogaSpace. This class is called One Word Club, I went for the month of August, two times a week, and have learned SO much. On top of going twice a week, I set a goal for myself to run home from class, it hurt, a lot! But good news, I can feel a big difference with all the training and running I do.

Friends, I'm so proud to announce that I have been asked to be a brand ambassador for ONE WORD CLUB! It's such an honor to be asked to represent this amazing brand. At OWC we will be learning to do a proper handstand, pull-ups (yes PULL-UPS, I am seriously so excited about this, baby steps!) calisthenics, proper form for pushups, planks, squats, hollow backs, and so many other things. I cannot do a pull-up, my upper body strength, used to be non-existent but things have changed, because of Paluna's guidance.

I would love to see you all try something new so, I'm here to encourage you to stay active, try something new, challenge yourself. Come to a class this next week, this month some time soon, here are some details:

Classes are held three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 7am-8am at Yogaspace (Queen and Ossington). It's the best way to start your day, it's not high intensity, it's so calming and for some people it might feel like it's a bit of a slower paced class, it's really not, Paluna has you moving at all times, you will leave feeling SO GOOD! Come to a class give it a try. Make sure to e-mail Paluna the day before trying a class at:, first class is free of charge, and drop-in classes are $25 for your next class. If you want to just go ahead and try it for a month go here.

Follow along on my social media channels (here, here and here) and here on my blog to stay up to date with my goals and progress and advice given to me from Paluna.  

Have a great hair day!  

Aylin Carolina

All photo credit goes out to: Laura Polischuik