Barreworks Hairspiration Part 3

Have you noticed that braided crowns are a big hit this summer? I think that they've always looked so beautiful and you can wear them for any occasion. I love that when I do one on myself it helps keep that hair off my neck and keeps me cool for the day (or two). 

I've teamed up with Barreworks to bring you some hair inspiration, braids that you can wear from the Barre to the Bar! Today's braid is the called The Blythe Braid. Blythe is one of the instructors at Barreworks, you can take one of her classes at the Yonge Street location teaching yoga. I've recently gotten more into yoga and have found it's been so helpful for stretching everything out. I know I should be doing lots of stretching especially before and after a long run, but I sometime don't like to do it. I have found this year that doing yoga at least twice a week has helped me so much with my training and with my core. I'm still not a flexible person but I don't expect to be right away, it takes practice, and consistency.

This braided crown suited Blythe's hair type and shapes her face really well. She was able to wear this braided style to class and go out afterwards. I turned out really great on her. 

It's so easy to recreate and I'm positive you can do it too. You can start braiding on whichever side of your head you like to wear your part (side or middle it's up to you). With Blythe, I decided to just use her natural part, braided around her head, when it came close to the end, there was 'extra' hair, I braided it to the end, tied a clear hair elastic around it and pinned it up into the rest of her hair. Like I've mentioned before you can wear a braided crown to any type of workout, you'll find that your will NOT fall down and it will look pretty while you workout ;)

Barreworks has two locations in Toronto, with so many classes to offer. Right now they have a Sunrise Challenge- challenge yourself to take 12 early morning classes! Visit their blog to learn more, spots are limited so sign up today!

If you missed parts 1 & 2 of this series they are linked here and here.

Let me know what you think and I hope to see your braided styles at the Barre. Make sure to tag and use #cabellobycarolina on social media so I can see your braids!

Hope to see you at the Barre with your Braids! Have a great hair day! 


Aylin Carolina