Big Hit Braids

I am so excited to finally share with you my step by step series! It's been a good but long process to get it all organized. I hope you are inspired to try these hairstyles at home, and take them to your next workout, or run. 

I have always been a pretty active and athletic person. Growing up I was always running, playing basketball or volleyball. I had fairly long hair and at a very young age my mom would braid my hair so that it wouldn't be a tangly mess when I would get home. She taught me how to braid my own hair, and it didn't matter what sport or event I had, my hair was ALWAYS in braids or some sort of fun up-do. It's rare when you see me wearing my hair down. 

Last summer I started a series on my Instagram page called "15k Hairspiration" for the Nike Women's run, that was happening on the Toronto Island. I teamed up with blogger, Mel Offner, from MELSAYS. You might recognize that seven day series here. We had a blast working together and have done many projects together over the year. We have so much more to share with you all, but for now we'll start with this step by step series. 

Photo Cred: Pam Lau

We teamed up in May to bring you a series: Top 3 Summer Workouts in Toronto. We went to three different gyms in the city that are some of Mel's favorite ones to workout at, today's gym that we're starting with is Big Hit Studios!

Big Hit Studios is a kickboxing studio that will make sure you are sore from head to toe, in a good way, and of course you'll get an amazing workout in! You can let all that stress out in one session! They have so many classes and programs to choose from and amazing instructors!

For Mel's hair we did cornrows in her hair. I wanted to do the regular dutch braids or boxer braids as some of us like to call them, but I thought let's switch it up and do "Big Hit Braids" instead.

To be honest, this was one of the more complicated styles to do, it just took a little longer to do, but think of that awesome arm workout you'll be getting!

Let's start:

1. Section your hair down the middle.

2. Separate the two sections and tie one side to keep that hair out of the way. Now make three smaller sections.

3. Start braiding at the top and off to the side of the face. 

4. Braiding is a repetitive process. Separate the hair into three strands.

5. I'm used to starting with the strand on the far right, bring that one UNDER the middle, and OVER the far left. Everything should feel as if it has shifted.

6. Repeat that same step but this time when you're bringing the strand that's in the far right, add a bit of hair to it.

7. Every time you're bringing hair over add a little to that strand each time. (If you know how to do a french braid, you're doing that same process but backwards)

8. Once you've reached to the bottom, loosely tie that braid, and start on the second small section, repeat steps 4-7.

9. Start on that last braid, repeat steps 4-7, making sure all braids are secured at the bottom. Now we'll be doing a regular braid.

10. This time, you will be taking the three braids and crossing over and under to create one 'single braid'

11. Your braids are already separated into three strands, so now cross OVER the middle strand and UNDER the far left. Repeat until the end of the hair, tie with an elastic band and voila you're done.

Yes this will feel like half your day is gone. No it's not an easy one to start with ;) but yes it does get easier the more you practice.

Hope to see you at a class at Big Hit Studios, with your Big Hit Braids!! Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Have a great hair day! 



Photo cred: Nelly Cancilla for the step by step process

Photo Cred: Pam Lau

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