Real Wedding: Nari & Melody

So happy to finally be able to share some of my favorite weddings with you all! I will be featuring one wedding a month with you all and sharing their love story with you. It's such an honor to be asked to be a part of a Bride's wedding day, helping them take the load off of doing their own hair and hoping to relax them while I do it for them. It's a small part, but it's always an honor to be a part of it.

Photo Cred: Guisou

I met Melody last fall, she came over for her hair trial and I could tell how excited she was for her wedding day! She met her husband at a conference, they started dating and their relationship was long distance, even their engagement season! Talking to Melody while doing her hair, I felt like we had so much in common, my husband and I have a very similar story, but I'll share that a different day with you all. Melody had THREE months to plan their wedding, and with Nari being in California, that left most of the planning for Melody, I know the feeling!! For some three months might be too short of time to plan a wedding, but for others we know it can be done. Plus it's about the marriage and not just the big day, am I right?!

The Proposal:

It was just like any other Saturday in LA. Our usual plan: morning coffee, brunch, beach, afternoon coffee, dinner. But this time, something magical happened that briefly interrupted our routine and left us beaming with joy and excitement for the rest of the day. Nari asked me to marry him on a cliff in Malibu's Point Dume.

How it all unfolded
After brunch, Nari suggested we go to the Getty Villa in Malibu to take in the sights and learn a few things about Roman history and architecture. I never turn down an opportunity to go to a museum, so naturally I excitedly said yes.

While there, I noticed him texting quite a bit and making phone calls while I was away reading up on Roman history and trying to gain a deeper understanding of the ancient world (ok fine - I was taking selfies with the heads of Roman gods and goddesses and quietly chuckling to myself). After about an hour, he suggested we go to the beach. We headed to Point Dume in Malibu and started walking across the beach, when he pointed to a cliff and asked if we should climb up. I wasn't so keen on it, given that I did not have the proper shoes to CLIMB A CLIFF - but I said yes anyway, because I figured it would be beautiful and romantic. I started walking (with much difficulty), and noticed that he kept a good 50 feet lead on me during our "romantic walk". Annoyingly, I asked him why he's running a marathon, and he just laughed and slowed down for me to catch up. We took a selfie right before we got to the very top and continued.

As soon as we got to the top, I noticed a beautifully arranged picnic setup close to the edge of the cliff. I yelled to Nari, "Look, How cute! Nari, can we do this one day? Such a good date idea!" I looked around and did not see a single human being at the top of that cliff. That's when it hit me that it was set up for us. Shocked, I ran and hugged him and noticed that there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a picnic basket full of goodies: our favourite sandwiches from Bay Cities Deli, bags of chips, fruits, chocolate and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. We sat down and ate our sandwiches, while enjoying the stunning view of the ocean and the waves crashing into the cliffs along the coast. I couldn't stop smiling. After we finished our sandwiches, he asked me to check the flavour of the ice cream to see if I'd like it. I grabbed the pint of ice cream, and turned it over to check the flavour - and that's when I felt a million thumps in my heart. The words "Melody, Will You Marry Me" were printed on the container. I looked up and saw him on his knee, holding a ring. It was in that moment that, I started crying, yelled "Yes!" and held him tight for a few minutes. The tears wouldn't stop, and my face muscles hurt from smiling so hard. Overwhelmed with love and joy, we walked down that cliff as a newly engaged couple, excited to start the first chapter of our lives. 

Favourite part of the wedding day: 

Besides the part where I married my love, one of my favourite moments was definitely walking down that aisle with my parents by my side, and seeing the faces of our guests - our friends and family who supported us selflessly during the 3 month planning process. Just seeing how people came together to help us plan and execute the day, was a true testament of unconditional friendship, love and loyalty.
Our Baha'i ceremony was also beautiful - filled with sweet melodies and writings from the Baha'i Faith. 

Lastly, the dancefloor at our wedding was like nothing I'd ever seen before. So much energy and fun - I'll never forget it! Nari is a huge fan of Euro music, so we made sure to pump everyone up with some classic Euro anthems! 

Advice to brides planning their big day:

We had 95 days to plan our wedding of 300 guests, with no wedding planner and a tight budget. Because Nari was in California during that time, I was in charge of most of the planning. I went into it thinking our wedding will be a Pinterest dream that came to life. I imagined the whole process to be smooth, with a few hiccups and that planning a wedding was one of the most beautiful and happy experiences of my life. That definitely was not the case. Three months flew by, and I learned some very important life lessons during the process. Wedding planning is not what it's made out to be - it's not just smiles and laughs and happy times. It's chaotic, stressful and makes you breakout and makes your eyes twitch.
I learned about compromise, and detachment and patience, but the most important thing I learned is to never LOSE sight of what's awaiting you at the end of that aisle. Your new partner in life - and that's the part you should be most excited for. 

Melody's dress: Designer is Justin Alexander, which she found at Mona Richie

Flowers: Botany Floral Studio

Photographer: Adeab Azadegan (@adeab)

Makeup: Corrie Elle Artistry

Hair: Yours Truly