Barreworks Hairspiration

A few months ago I teamed up with Barreworks Toronto to give you all some hairspiration that are some of my go to braids for working out. 

If you love to try new things, especially anything fitness related, I would highly recommend going to a barre class immediately! The first class I tried is called Barreworks Mixed Level. (Let's keep in mind, I have zero coordination and zero dance skills!) I made my good friend come with me to class, we had such a great time together and laughed at our zero coordination together. The instructor was very helpful and patient with us. The Barreworks Mixed Level class is "Our signature class. This 1-hour workout is the perfect balance of muscle sculpting and cardio. Using resistance bands, weighted balls and the barre itself, you’ll work your body from head to pinky toe." They are not kidding when they say that you'll work your body from head to pinky toe! A word of advice, do not go for a long run with hills the next day!!!

As I mentioned in the beginning, Barreworks and I teamed up to bring you all some hairspiration. With these hairstyles, they are sure to keep your hair out of the way and your hair will look so pretty while you workout ;) I'll share a new hair style every week with you, so stay tuned!

This week we're starting with the Callie Twist, also known as the popular dutch braids that you'll see everywhere and on everyone. These braids are my go-to for almost anything I'm doing, fitness related or just a day out in the city. The Callie Twist will keep those little fly away hairs out of your face and off your neck, they can be done on almost any length of hair. Once you're done your workout but you still have places to be your hair will look so good while you're out doing errands or meeting up with your girlfriends for the night. Wear the Callie Twist tied together at the ends or separate, whatever you'll feeling that day, there's no wrong way to wear them. 

If you're looking for some fitness motivation and don't know where to start, try out a class at Barreworks this week. You have to start somewhere right?! All of their instructors are so helpful and motivating, so get yourself to a class now! 

Special thanks to Barreworks at Queen West for letting us use their location, and for motivating us to get out of our comfort zone to try something new, even if you're not graceful (like me) you'll still get an amazing workout!

Have a great hair day! Xo

All photo cred goes to Pam Lau