OWC: Handstands

It's the start of a new week! Have you kept up with your new year's resolutions or goals? I set out to do a handstand and pull-up last August, and I feel like I'm half way there! I'm feeling so much stronger and wiser with my training. OWC (OneWordClub) has helped me so much with getting into a healthy routine, and sticking with it. I've met an amazing group of ladies that encouraged each other and push each other to do their best, and to crush goals!

This month I've decided to really focus on my handstands. Our fearless leader and trainer, Paluna, has taught me so much to achieving some of my fitness goals. When she shows us what or how a handstand should look, it looks really easy...until you try it. Three things to keep in mind when you're learning to do handstands: 

First, always prep your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Every week at OWC, we warm up before we get to the handstand portion. I still remember my first class where I thought "What is going on? Nothing hurts..." I spoke too soon, EVERYTHING hurt the next day. We prep our hands, and wrists so that we don't injure them, so that they're strong enough to hold us up. We're not used to walking on our hands, so we have to get them strong before we go upside down. We prep our elbows, because they need to stay straight when we're upside down. And lastly we prep our shoulder, again, so they can hold us up, and we can easily catch ourselves when we feel like we're about to fall. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of stretching before or after a run, but I do it (most of the time) because I don't want to feel achy the next day, this is the same for my hands and wrists, they need lots of stretching before and after OWC because I need them to do your beautiful hair ;)

Second, know where you're going, when you're going upside down. When I was little I was fearless and would attempt doing cartwheels, handstands and flips, it was so much fun. Now, I'm afraid of breaking something, so I'm thankful, Paluna, is there to teach me what is happening when I'm going upside down. I can't do a handstand like I used to, so I've started with the basics of doing kick-ups and 'walking' up and down the wall. My hands are on the ground, in a open triangle shape, I focus on a spot on the ground, making sure my arms are straight, shrugging my shoulders and with one foot at a time I kick it up, switching legs each time. It takes practice, and patience. Another way is to 'walk' up the wall. Again, hands on the ground, this time facing a wall, and slowly let your feet climb up the wall, and your hands going towards the wall. There are three different positions that have helped me get to where I want to get pictured below:

Again, start off where you feel most comfortable and slowly make your way closer to the wall in a straight position when you're ready.

This brings me to my last instruction, do not go upside down if you're not ready. It took me about three weeks before I felt comfortable going upside down against the wall. I've learned that you need to feel strong enough to hold yourself upside down, we were made to walk on our feet for a reason, not on our hands, so when I've been able to 'walk' on my hands towards that wall, it's a great feeling knowing that I'm getting stronger and almost ready to do a handstand on my own, without the wall ;)

I really love these classes at OWC, we're now meeting at Pursuit, same days and times, read my last post here, also, if you just want to come check out the class to see what all this is about, your first class is free!! Come join us this month! It'll help you stay on track of your fitness goals, and you get to hang out with us!

Have a great hair day! xo

Photo credit: Dejon Walker