OWC: New Year, New Space.

Happy New Year friends!! It's the start of a new year and it's that time when we set resolutions or goals for ourselves. We start off great but sometimes we just don't stick to our resolutions or goals. I've been there, 2016 taught me to not give up! There were a few times when I would get lazy, or loose focus and would start over again. Towards the end of the year things in my personal and fitness goals changed, I stuck to it and saw some incredible results from working hard.

I just want to encourage you for this new year, whatever your goals or resolutions may be don't give up! Yes life might still be a little hectic wrapping up the holiday season, but let's be honest, it really doesn't slow down. So with a busy schedule, I've found some ways to achieve those goals is to:

  • Make time
  • Have an accountability partner(s)
  • Set realistic goals

I enjoy sleeping in, but if I don't start my day out with a run, or a good workout, I am a grump! I am NOT a morning person, but I do enjoy a quiet peaceful morning where I can just get up and start my day before the city is awake. And I've even set time aside in my day to take a nap, I told you I like my sleep ;) It wasn't easy at the beginning and honestly, it's still not easy waking up in the dead of winter, but I do it! And I feel more productive throughout the day. 

Having an accountability partner for your fitness routine makes it so great to share accomplishments and break personal records! This year I had the pleasure of being a pace bunny for some of my friends, I started a run club in my neighbourhood, and it was so amazing to see them cross that finish line at their first 5k, 10k, and half marathon races! It made it easier for me to run everyday, because I had people depending on me. I couldn't let them down, so to see them cross that finish line was an amazing feeling! If you need an accountability partner, my suggestion would be to sign up for a class you've been wanting to try, or go join a run club, there are so many everywhere! It may sound intimidating but you'll never know if you can run that 5k race if you never try! 

Lastly, one of the best ways to accomplish a goal, is to set realistic goals for yourself. I'm specifically talking about fitness goals. I had my heart set to run a my first FULL Marathon but it didn't happen for several reasons, the major one was health related. I knew I had to back out, I didn't beat myself up about it, my health is so much more important! And well, 2017 is a new year for new goals and I'm feeling a lot stronger and healthier these days that I know a Full Marathon will be possible! Remember you don't want to set unrealistic goals, and get injured while in the process! 

If you need a little push to start on your fitness goals for 2017 why not come and join me at OneWordClub starting in January. Come drop in for a class and learn about what we do. There's some new things happening starting in January.

  1. We're at a new location: Pursuit OCR (map here)
  2. Classes: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  3. Time: 7am-8am
  4. Trainer: Paluna Santamaria (Read more here)
  5. Just want to drop-in? Show up 10 minutes early to sign the waiver and pay at the door. 
  6. Parking: Yes there is parking! You can park for free right in front of the building and on the side streets!
  7. Yes there are showers there! Bring your own towel.
  8. Who can come?: ANYONE!! It's a bigger space, classes are now co-ed! 
  9. Cost: First class is free!!!!! 

If you have any more questions about OneWordClub, feel free to send me or Paluna a note. Hope to see you at OWC this year! 

Again, Happy New Year! Have a wonderful start to your 2017! Don't give up.