Real Wedding: Andy & Joanna

Wedding season is officially over for me, it's bittersweet! I had some of the sweetest brides and best experiences this year, and I'm so thankful for each one of them that trusted me to do their hair. It's a big day, so many things going on and if the bride feels relaxed while getting her hair done, my job is complete! My favorite time of the year for weddings would have to be end of summer, and fall. The weather is almost always perfect, the sunsets are always gorgeous (yes even on rainy days), the colors in flowers, and the trees are stunning! Yup this year it's been pretty amazing that fall has stuck around longer than usual. 

This past August I was able to play a small part of Joanna's wedding day! I met Joanna in February and we hit it off right away at the trial. She is seriously the kindest person I've ever met! I was so happy and excited when she hired me and my team to do hair and makeup for her and her wedding party! Joanna and Andy's wedding was on August 13th, during the Olympics (y'all know how much I LOVE the Olympics) I was SO happy to find out that she and her wedding party and parents were really into the Olympics as well so as Michelle, Velsie, and I were getting the bridal party ready, we got to enjoy the Olympics with them as well. It was one of the most relaxing, stress free mornings for a wedding that I've ever worked. 

Whenever I'm doing someone's hair I love getting to know them, and their story. I asked Joanna to tell me the story of how Andy proposed and I was giggling so much, because it reminded me a little bit of mine (I'll share another time). Today I'm so happy to be sharing with you all some pictures from her day, and their love story! 

The Engagement Story:

I’m biased but I love our proposal story, partly because I was so oblivious to all of theplanning Andy did. During the last weekend in May, I met Andy and my parents at the family cottage. Andy had asked that night if I wanted to go and look at the stars, but alas it was late, I was tired and it wastoo “buggy” with the mosquitoes, so I said no (Proposal Attempt #1). Andy asked if we could be sure to go outside the next day, so I said “of course” thinking nothing of this request. The next evening over dinner, Andy suggested we should go down to the dock and put the boat cover on but I (clueless!) said there was no rush and I wanted to finish my dinner (Proposal Attempt #2). Finally, Andy suggested again that we should put the boat cover on so I relented and was like “fine, we’ll go!” The sun was starting to set, we put the boat cover on and I saw that Andy was bending down on the dock. I thought he was hurt but he pulled out a small box and opened it up to reveal a stunning emerald diamond ring! I was so excited and overwhelmed that after he popped the question all I could say was a stunned “thank-you”. I finally got my wits about me and said yes!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favourite part of the wedding day was just after our ceremony, when Andy and I walked up the aisle as man and wife, and just as we got out the door of the outdoor chapel, the pouring rain suddenly stopped and the sun just came bursting through! It was so neat! I also really enjoyed the morning of the wedding, while my girls and I were getting made even more beautiful by Aylin and her expert team. We had a pretty chill morning while we listened to some relaxing music and watched Olympic Coverage; it was just good old fashion girl time together. 

What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding day:

My advice to any couple planning their big day is that even though you may have a set vision around certain plans, be open to new and creative ideas as they might align with your vision even more! Also, seize opportunities to ENJOY the planning process-it can be lots of fun and you may share a laugh or two after a disagreement! And even though there are deadlines and lots to do with planning, sometimes you just need to take a break from it and recharge. 

Congratulations Joanna & Andy, you guys were so great to work with! It's an honor to have been a part of your day! Thank you again for everything!