DIY: Bigger Fuller Braids

It's the weekend! There's so much going on the weekend, some of us are still celebrating Thanksgiving, and some of us well, we'll be binging watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix right?! I'm so excited for the return of Gilmore Girls!! My good friend and I will be getting together and watching all weekend. Do you multi-task while doing a Netflix marathon? While I'm working sometimes I put show on in the background for the noise, and I'm somewhat paying attention, and other times I sit there and practice different hairstyles, on myself, a friend or my husband (when he had long hair haha!)

A lot of people have asked me lately how to get that bigger fuller look for braids, I've put together a quick five step tutorial for you, and a have done this hairstyle before, but this time I left it half-up, half-down. This is the topknot, with double braids. The way to get bigger fuller braids is two different ways, first, pull the braid out little by little as you braid. Or second, do the braid, tie it at the end with a clear elastic and then pull it out for however big you'd like the braid and spray it. This hairstyle is great for any hair length, I recently cut my hair so my topknot is small, but it keeps my bangs off of my forehead for all my workouts.

Here's a quick tutorial for the half up, double braid, topknot. If you don't know how to do the double braids here's a full step by step tutorial)

  1. Section the hair in two, just the top half of your head
  2. Do a dutch braid on each side. (Double braid step by step here)
  3. Twist both braids together to create a topknot
  4. Secure it with a hair elastic
  5. Spray it with your favorite hairspray

Easy right?! Stay updated on my Instagram with videos and daily hair inspiration for your everyday looks, or hairstyles that are functional for your next workout, no matter the length of hair! 

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Have a great hair day! xo