DIY: Side French Braid

It's the weekend!! So you know what that means: long runs, race days, and brunch mornings! During my long runs I must have my hair up or else I'm constantly stopping to fix it. I need to have my bangs out of my face, and my the rest of my hair needs to be off my neck. I don't like that feeling when your hair sticks to your neck, and then it's all gross and wet, ew just thinking about it makes me cringe. I have shoulder length hair and bangs, so it's kind of short and there will be days when I want to put my hair in a high ponytail but those little pieces in the back just aren't long enough and won't stay up. I'm here to help you with that, and show you different hairstyles that definitely work for us. You can take these styles on the run then to brunch and have the best hair day!

Today I'm showing you how to do a side french braid. This style helps keep my bangs off my forehead, it's a very simple hairstyle that always looks so pretty! 

Keep in mind you'll be repeating the same pattern for how ever long you'd like your braid to be: cross over, under, and add. And you'll be using both hands, so prepare for an arm workout too ;)

  1. Part your hair to one side
  2. Grab three small strands of hair, put two in the left hand and one in the right hand.
  3. Bring the strand in the right hand under the middle one, and over the left. You now have two strands in your right hand and one in the left.
  4. This part might be a little tricky, if it's your first time trying this braid so don't give up. With your left hand, now, hold onto the strands two strands in the far left (so the left and the middle) A way that I do this is, the strand on the left I hold with my pinky and ring finger, and the middle strand I hold with my index and thumb. 
  5. From here, add some hair to your strand in the right hand and bring it over the middle strand and under the left. 
  6. When you bring it under the left everything will shift into the right hand and you'll add hair and again go under the middle strand and over the right. Keep repeating this same pattern of crossing over the middle and under the left and add hair, then again bring the left strand over the middle and under the right and add hair.  
  7. I usually stop braiding just a little past the top of my ear, and with the hair that you're left with holding in your hands, you can create a single braid from this and tie at the end with a small rubber band. 
  8. Tie your hair in a ponytail and you're all done. 
  9. Get an amazing playlist, and you're good to go for your long run. 

Let's see how your side french braid turned out, use the #cabellobycarolina on social media. You can also see a quick video on my Instagram and Facebook page if you need a little more visual of what's going on with your hair ;)

Have a great weekend and great hair day!


What I'm wearing: Nike Women's Training Tank and Nike Pro Fierce Reflective Sports Bra

Hair: Bumble and Bumble Does It All hairspray; Hair ties and elastics