DIY: Twisted Bangs

This week I'll be teaching you how to do one of the most easiest hairstyles ever! If I'm in a rush or don't know what to do with my hair this is my go-to hairstyle. I should also let you know that it's perfect for those of you that are growing out your bangs and you don't know what to do with them. I do have bangs, and I get very impatient when I am trying to let them grow, and most of the time I end up just getting them trimmed. 

There are days where I don't feel like braiding my hair, but I cannot stand having my hair in my face when I go for a run, or go to my OWC class, so it's so easy and quick to just twist your bangs and go. It takes me maybe two minutes to do my hair this way. 

What you'll need: Bobby pins, one or two, and a hair tie. One of my favorite hair ties can be found here: Ponytail Mail 

This is really the easiest and quickest hairstyle to do at home:

  1. Gather your bangs to the front of your face
  2. Create a side part. If you already wear your hair with a side part, make the part a little deeper than usual
  3. Start twisting your bangs away from your face and off to the side. 
  4. When you're twisting keep adding hair as you go along.
  5. Secure it with one or two bobby pins
  6. Tie your hair into a ponytail.

There you go six easy steps to keeping your bangs off of your face. Show me the way your keep your bangs off your face by using #cabellobycarolina on social media. Follow my Instagram to see the video of me putting this hairstyle together. 

Have a great hair day! xo

What I'm wearing: Nike Training Tank and Nike Pro Fierce Reflective Sports Bra (SUPER Comfortable!)

Hair: Ponytail MailBobby Pins and Bumble and Bumble Hairspray: Does It All