STWM Race Weekend

WOW! Can we redo the weekend all over again?! This past weekend was unbelievable! I'm so thankful for each and every one of your messages, and kind words of encouragement, it got me through one of the busiest weekends of my life this year! I feel like I have so much to talk about but I don't want to bore you, so I'll share some of my favorite moments.

I'll start with the Braid Bar was a big hit at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, over the weekend. I was so nervous on Friday, the first day of the expo, it was off to a slow start for me, which was a good thing, because of how nervous I was. I felt the same way when I ran my first ever half marathon, first 5k race, and first piano recital, I wanted to throw up! I knew how big this weekend was, how many people would be there, but I don't think it hit me until Friday morning. I lost count of how many people got their hair braided. I was so encouraged by each of your stories, of why you started running, of what motivates you to run, and what keeps you going! To all the first time marathoners, 5k finishers YOU DID IT! Thanks for letting me braid your hair, I'm sure your race pictures look amazing! I would love share each and every one of your stories, but I'll keep that between us, because it means the world to me that you shared some of the most AMAZING things you're doing for yourself, a loved one, or because you lost a bet ;) Seriously, you're all incredible runners! A big THANK YOU to everyone that stopped by to say hello it means the so much that you took time out of your day to come say hi to me at the booth. I always love seeing familiar faces at places where I might not know a lot of people. 

I do plan on coming back next year with a bigger team so that we can raise more money for the Canada Running Series Foundation. Thank you to everyone for your generous donations, I am so proud that we were able to raise money for the CRS Foundation, it means so much to me!

ps. don't forget to tag #cabellobycarolina on social media so I can repost your pretty race braids

Photo provided by Canada Running Series

Photo provided by Canada Running Series

Friday was off to a slow start, so I decided to walk around the expo to visit other booths and say hello to some people I follow on social media, (it's always nice to put a face to someone you 'know' through social media) but I was on a mission to find the iRun Magazine booth! I wanted to meet the team. I recently worked on something special with them, and was told that it was going to be in the October issue. I met Ben, general manager, he opened the current issue and I'm so proud to announce that there's a special feature of my work! ahhhhhhh!! It's an honored to be featured! I always dreamed of it, never really pursued that dream, and now it's actually happening! I'm in a magazine! A RUNNING ONE! AHHHHHH!!!!!! I could not stop smiling the entire weekend! I still can't stop smiling when I think about it. If you ran this weekend, check your race kits it's in there, pg. 32! (I also linked it for you) So thankful for the opportunity, humbled, honored, and proud to see my work out there. This is what I enjoy doing most! Running and hair, and I've decided to combine two passions into one, and to see it published is just... WOW! Make sure to follow iRun on social media to stay up to date with some of the most amazing races happening around Canada...who knows maybe I'll be in the issue again soon?!

Pictured here with Ben, from iRun, I have one of the biggest smiles on my face! 

Pictured here with Ben, from iRun, I have one of the biggest smiles on my face! 

Last thing I'll share with y'all today, is the race!! So yes, after standing on my feet for two days, braiding hair, I still ran on Sunday. What can I say, I love running! This year was the year I thought I was going to run a full marathon, but after some health issues, I knew I should wait until I was 100% better. Plus this year, racing was different, a lot different. I wasn't competitive with myself, I was asked by friends and my husband to pace them through their first 10k and half marathon. So on Sunday, I laced up and paced a friend through her third half marathon. I am so proud of her! She pushed to the end, and beat her time, by 20min!!!!!! Yes we walked here and there but the last 6k she kept going! There were so many happy tears leading up to the finish line, all I could think of was how proud I am of her, the money y'all helped me raise for the CRS Foundation, that moment of seeing my work published, seeing so many friends cheering for us along the run, all of your incredible stories, all of it was unbelievable! This year I ran because I wanted to motivate people around me, to put one foot in front of the other, to conquer what they thought was impossible! I saw some of you conquer your first 5k, 10k and half. You did it! I am so thankful for each person that tells me that they think I'm crazy because of how much running I do, but now you're all crazy with me too (you know who you are!) 

This was an incredible weekend, the medal today means so much more this time around, thank you again to all of you crazy runners! Keep going!

The biggest THANK YOU goes out to my husband, he's been at every race, cheering and pushing me to finish strong, I don't know where I'd be without his constant support. He's done the 10k, now it's time to get him out there for the half-marathon ;)

Have a great hair day!