Behind the Chair: Gwen Elliot

Gwen and I met last year on set of a photoshoot, and we hit it off right away! She's been such a big encouragement to me personally, and I just love seeing her so passionate for all the current projects she has going on. So of course, I want for all of you to meet her!

During our interview, we thought it'd be fun to do her hair. So we straightened her hair, and added a small side braid. You can wear your hair like this to work, then a night out with friends!


1. Please tell us what you do for work:

My entrepreneurial passion right now is being a media strategist. I help entrepreneurs share their story with the right mainstream media to help build their credibility, connect with ideal customers and amplify their brand. I’m working on expanding as a media brand, and currently host Your Big Break Podcast, and have an exciting collaboration for a media eCourse with an Emmy award winner in the works :-) I’m a side hustler, so by day I work in marketing and events. I also have a fun passion project that I work on with my three younger sisters called, ‘Mo’ Money, Mo’ Progress.’ We  take on financial challenges each month, and share our journeys of navigating finances.

2. What inspired you to start your podcast? What is one piece of advice for anyone wanting to start their own podcast, blog, or new business venture?

Creating Your Big Break Podcast came from a need for this content for both my clients and entrepreneurial friends, and myself. The name of the show actually came from a client who said to me, “I feel like I just need my big break.” BAM. Now I think of her before recording every episode. I was also looking to add more fun and joy to my life, and I feel very at home interviewing people and giving them the space to share their story. I set an intention before every episode, and my hope is that I can make each guest share their story in a way that it’s relatable.

My advice is if you’d like to start your own podcast or share content is to start small. If this is your first time starting something like this, give yourself the space to make mistakes and be sure you’re having fun along the way. Your Big Break is the third podcast I’ve created, and after starting small with other shows, I’ve finally found my groove.

3. What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

An entrepreneur is someone who goes all in to create real value that didn’t exist before. I used to get really hung up on the term ‘entrepreneur’ as I thought you’re only an entrepreneur if you do something full-time. Over time, I’ve come to realize that I simply want to create a life that an extension of who I am, and to do that requires entrepreneurship.

4. Do you have a favorite quote?

My new favourite quote is: “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” by Anais Nin.

My OG fave quote is ‘You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” by Jim Rohn.

5. I have to ask, what is your go-to hairstyle or favorite way to wear your hair?

I feel like the best version of myself when I curl my hair and have that effortless, wavy, feminine look. This year I also want to take on the side braid look! It was so fun to wear all day at work, to the gym and it would be a really fun night out. FAB!


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If you'd like to see more of this shoot and the final look click here :) All photo credit goes to Nelly Cancilla, she's the amazing talent behind the lens. 

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