Behind the Chair: Jacklyn McCann

I am so happy to introduce you all to Jacklyn McCann, owner and director of Jacklyn Denise Communications. I met Jacklyn in May 2015, at an event she hosted called Mimosa Mornings, where we talked about life. It was so nice to get out and talk with other entrepreneurial women who go through the same struggles I go through.--I highly recommend going to a Mimosa Morning talk, you'll leave encouraged and inspired to keep on doing what you love. And with new friends ;)

Jacklyn was getting ready to go out the day we decided to do an interview, so of course it was appropriate for me to do her hair while we caught up and talked about life, work, hair, and anything in between. 

1. Please tell us what you do for work:

I work with boutique lifestyle brands to help them get noticed among desired clientele and media. From yoga studios to kids' clothing lines to organic beauty products, I help clients in a one-on-one format for brand and business coaching. I also assist with execution of the branding and press prep, prior to traditional media relations and pitching. Do you know what you need to do to be press ready? Let Jacklyn Denise Communications help you get there.
Alongside the communications business, I also host monthly gatherings with female entrepreneurs called Mimosa Mornings. The intention is to create a safe space for 5 women who have never met to share the real deal: the sh*t and the cloud 9, and to inspire each other to keep pushing for their goals.

2. What led you to being your own boss?

It would be tough to pinpoint only one thing. However, what keeps me being my own boss is the ability to create, curate and inspire, particularly small business owners. As many entrepreneurs can attest, we often find ourselves working more than we ever did in a 9 to 5, though cliche as it may seem, it's because we love what we do. Even when things are challenging, it takes the smallest moment of gratitude from another, to be reminded of why we're here, serving the clients that we serve, and making a difference to their business, their livelihood.

3. Favorite or Inspiring quote?

"I hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection." -- Emily Ley

4. Why is an active lifestyle important to you? Is it a daily or weekly routine?

An active lifestyle is what keeps me energized and focused. I rarely miss a day, even if it's something quiet like a juicy restorative yoga class for my muscles to rest and regroup. Throughout the week, you'll find me balancing my work/life schedule to break a sweat in bootcamp, shake & quake at barre3, or regroup and calm my thoughts at 889 Yoga.

If you want to get in touch with Jacklyn you can visit her site here, or follow her on social media.

Oh and if you're wondering where that awesome "Ladyboss" sign is from check out Straight Laser ;)


A special thank you to Nelly for all her help with photography.


See you all next week! xo